| Mar 16, 2022

Understanding PRO v. DIY Home Improvement Shoppers

Understanding PRO v. DIY Home Improvement Shoppers

PROsumers– the top 8% of home improvement shoppers by trip count– are a valuable consumer segment within the home improvement industry, worth 141% more than the average DIY shopper. In this report, we examine these two key home improvement shopper cohorts to help brands and retailers better understand how to identify and target each segment more effectively.

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  • Who the PROsumers are, how they shop, and what their online attitudes are.
  • What types of projects PROsumers are taking on, and how that differs from DIYers.
  • How the influx of DIYers seen during the pandemic has impacted the home improvement industry.
  • If the demand for PRO work will continue into the Next Normal.
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