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The Numerator Early Read on Shopping Behavior Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Early Read, or “live” Shopping Behavior Index to provide needed visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by the Coronavirus. 

The Numerator Early Read Shopping Behavior Index tracks U.S. consumer buying behavior versus year ago across 18 retail channels for the most recent two weeks. Just as voting polls provide indicators well before the poll closes, Early Read data will provide shopping behavior patterns and indicators on a more live or real-time basis.

Please review the guide below for how to think about Early Read data.


By combining Early Read “live” data with the more stable Shopping Behavior Index each week, we will provide you with the fastest, most complete understanding of consumer behavior so you can make more informed real-time decisions about your business during the outbreak.

Early indications suggest consumer spending is still elevated with non-essential channels seeing slight rebound as restrictions continue to lift

  • Trips and volume of households shopping remain at YAGO levels while spending still elevated YoY
  • Spending remains elevated in eCommerce and Home Improvement, with Dollar and Office gaining momentum as consumers start buying school supplies
  • Buy rate up across channels as consumers sustain elevated consumption habit
coronavirus consumer behavior data
coronavirus consumer behavior

Update: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

We’re analyzing Numerator Insights data and surveying verified shoppers to understand how COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting consumer behavior.

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