Ecommerce Teams

Highlight the impact of online sales and prove the incremental value of investing in a strong digital presence. 

Keep a pulse on emerging areas of growth in ecommerce and digital.

Drive all aspects of your company’s ecommerce strategy with unparalleled insights from Numerator. Use our comprehensive, omnichannel data to work across your brands to amplify online sales strategies, promotions, category strategies, packaging and more. Demonstrate the need for a strong digital presence in your organization by highlighting the impact of online sales in comparison to offline, and understand shopper behavior at online retailers such as Amazon and Instacart to drive the greatest ROI for your portfolio.

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Deep insights to drive growth strategies

Develop sales, channel, category, and online promotion strategies that drive growth.

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Demonstrate the incremental value of having an ecomm presence without sacrificing in-store sales

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Identify and focus on your most important retailers

Access online metrics retailer by retailer to identify the greatest sales opportunities for the portfolio


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Understand promo effectiveness

See what promotions are most effective to determine which retailers will drive the greatest ROI for the portfolio.

Build strategies to grow your brands. 

Understand shopper behavior in-store and online to get better insights into cross-shopping behavior and how consumers interact with retailers such as Amazon, Instacard, and Kroger. 

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Numerator TruView

Measure your market share across all channels and with consumer context – at the speed of the consumer.


Case study: Dial gets clean visibility into the effectiveness of trade promotion.

Soap and Bodywash brand Dial leveraged Promo Insights to uncover the underlying context to observed shifts in purchase behavior when an item’s featured on promotion.

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