Omnichannel share measurement with consumer context.

Welcome to a new era of market analytics. Numerator TruView allows you to measure your market share across all channels and with consumer context – at the speed of the consumer.

Measure your true share.

Measure and grow your true omnichannel market share with consumer context to increase your agility and strengthen your strategic planning.

omnichannel consumer data

Omnichannel market share

Consumer spend doesn’t just occur in the subset of brick and mortar retailers that POS tracks. Measure the entire market –  so you don’t miss an opportunity.

customer journey

Consumer context

Dive into deep cuts of market share previously unavailable, such as share of Hispanic Millennials in California, using a 1MM+ panelist-based measurement system.

complete consumer clarity

Complete clarity

Identify disruptive trends within days and create strategies faster by knowing which demographics and channels to focus on based on their potential.

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with Numerator.

More channels

An omnichannel view of market share so you never miss an opportunity

More consumer context

Layer demographics onto market share measurement

Faster market share

Identify disruptive trends within days to inform strategic planning

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Get your full share.

Find where and who your biggest opportunities for share growth are.

consumer insights stats

TruView by the numbers.


Panelist measurement panel


of demographic cuts


share measurement

Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More insights.

Omnichannel market share with context

Omnichannel market share with context

Understand your true share with a single-sourced view of all channels, including ecommerce, with the ability to slice by demographic and geographic attributes.

Get data faster and more frequently

faster omnichannel share measurement

Weekly refreshes provide visibility into market share at speeds never seen before for agile and impactful strategies.

Size your true opportunity

accurate market share measurement

Uncover where and who your biggest opportunities for growth are.

Understand growth drivers and detractors

understand and measure market share

For the first time, decompose your brand/category’s growth/decline by demographic, product and store attributes.

Dive deeper into ecommerce

 omnichannel share measurement

Understand ecommerce performance down to the item level by banner and fulfilment method.

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Do CPGs know their consumers?

As the US population diversifies faster each year, brands and retailers require deeper understanding of the nuances, patterns, and preferences that differentiate these diverse consumer groups. The Numerator Path to Understanding report puts this data at your fingertips.

Get the TruView of your market share.

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