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include TPRs.

Numerator Promotions Intel and Promo Insights now offer Temporary Price Reduction data to efficiently monitor and analyze the promotions influencing shopper behavior.

How do you keep up with the changing promotional landscape?

The retail landscape has fundamentally changed with more delivery options, more collection methods and more growth in ecommerce than ever before. These changes have led to the alignment of digital and in-store Temporary Price Reductions – one of the biggest areas of trade spend. Get a more complete view of the dynamic promotional landscape with Numerator’s TPR data.

Gain competitive insight and context

Expand your view

Quickly confirm that a promotion runs in-market as expected and is competitive with other promotional activities.

Fast Insights

Get fast insights

Plan effectively and assess competitive threats and opportunities in a timely manner with your retail partners using validated data.


Understand impact

Analyze performance of all your promotional investments— for you and your competition.

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with Numerator.

Complete coverage

Analyze promotional performance – including TPRs – completely and in context

Agile insights

Fast validation of in-store price reductions alongside other promotional activities

Impactful promotions

Plan effective and competitive promotions based on validated data tied to key metrics

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