Custom & Applied Segmentations

Make your segmentation studies actionable with the Numerator OmniPanel.

How actionable are your shopper segments?

If your segmentation studies feel like research projects that are not applicable to your marketing efforts, Numerator can help. Leverage our team of research experts and highly engaged consumer panel to create your custom segmentations or bring existing segmentations to life and incorporate them into your day-to-day strategy.

Take action with fast data

Take action with fast data
Get insights on your key segments that keep pace with the modern consumer so you can stay ahead of the competition and take action.

Understand, track and engage more buyers across all channels

Understand, track and engage more buyers across all channels
Better understand your target segments with access to America’s largest, most representative omnichannel purchase panel.

Perform deeper analysis

Perform deeper analysis
Answer critical business questions with on-demand reporting that includes purchase behavior, demographic data, psychographic attributes and media consumption habits.

Custom Segmentations

Collaborate with our experts to create new, custom shopper segmentations and apply them to Numerator Insights.

Complete Customization

Design segmentations based on people’s attitudes and perceptions, consumption occasions or purchase behavior

Rich Consumer Profiles

Leverage verified purchase behavior, demographic, psychographic and media consumption data to jump start your creation

Applied Segmentations

Bring existing shopper segmentations to life in weeks in Numerator Insights and incorporate them into your strategy.

On-Going Analysis

Track shopper segments across Numerator Insights reports and understand shifts in their purchase behavior

Fastest Insights Available

Numerator’s OmniPanel provides insights in your segments in weeks compared to months for legacy panels

Activate the power of the Numerator OmniPanel

America’s largest, most representative consumer panel makes your segmentations more actionable with on-demand reporting in Numerator Insights. Our highly engaged consumer panel sees 50% response rates within a week and rich profiles give you access to purchase behavior, demographic data, psychographic attributes and media consumption habits for each panelist.

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Case study: Reckitt Benckiser applies shopper segments to Numerator OmniPanel for accelerated insights

Learn how the RB team keeps up with dynamic changes in shopper and consumer behavior and builds strong retailer relationships by bringing their shopper segments to life within Numerator Insights.

segmentation case study

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