Better Promotional Analysis

Effective trade promotions are key in attracting the attention of both consumers and retail trade partners. Numerator enables you to access the broadest media coverage and the most comprehensive promo monitoring, with data available for major retailers the same day the ad breaks. Get started quickly with a custom promotional analysis or subscribe for ongoing access to deeper insights.

Trade Promo Ad Monitoring

Gain comprehensive visibility into the competitive cross-media promotional landscape. Panoramic view of promotional creatives and data collected from over 200 markets in the U.S. and around the globe, directly accessible online (with powerful search capabilities) and via automated email alerts.

Store Level Promo Ad Monitoring

Winning occurs one store at a time, one buyer at a time. Leveraging store by store circular data drives retail sales, mapping directly to UPCs and enriching your internal data to facilitate smarter trade promotion decisions.

Trade Promo Share Reporting

Stiff competition exists to increase share of category promotions. Understand your promotional share relative to competitors, fluctuations in share throughout the year, share of high quality promotions and how share varies from retailer to retailer.

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