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The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index ran from 2020–2023 and has now ended. Powered by Numerator’s Total Commerce Panel of 150,000 shoppers, the index provided the most comprehensive view of omnichannel consumer behavior available in the market during a period of rapid retail change.

Final Update: October 2023


Week ending 9/24/23 vs. year ago

Overall sales were down slightly in September 2023, with in-store declines driven by fewer units sold and online declines driven by lower prices. Sales of CPG products stabilized—with lower volumes offset by higher prices—while GM products continued to see declines in volume, price and overall sales.


Restaurants & dollar stores show largest increases.

Sales remain up in select channels, particularly restaurants and dollar stores. Despite these increases, overall in-store sales are down slightly due to lower sales volumes, particularly at gas & convenience and drug stores. Nearly all channels are seeing higher spend per unit, except for online, where shoppers are increasing volume sales on lower-priced goods, which indicates a shift to purchasing everyday CPG items online.

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CPG sales stabilize while GM declines.

Sales of CPG products have settled to year-ago levels, with higher prices offset by lower volume. The baby sector was the only CPG sector to see declining sales in September, but all sectors saw decreased volume. Sales are down across all general merchandise categories, especially electronics and toys. Fewer households are purchasing these categories overall, and shoppers who do buy these products are opting for lower-priced items.

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