White Paper
| Feb 18, 2021

Missed Households in an Omnichannel World

Underlying consumer behaviors explain what factors drive sales and which are the leading indicators of what might happen next. The primary role of a consumer panel is to identify underlying behaviors, which starts by measuring the number of households buying a category or brand in a metric called household penetration.

However, legacy panels are not providing the right answer to even the most basic of questions. In an evaluation of 200 of the largest FMCG categories, Numerator determined that legacy panels are “missing” a substantial number of households. Comparing expected penetration levels between legacy panels vs. Numerator’s OmniPanel showed that 80% (159/200) of categories were missing at least 10 points of penetration.

Download this white paper to understand how severely households buying each category are underrepresented by legacy panels, as well as a practical example that shows how true understanding of OmniConsumer behaviors will unlock new opportunities for brands and retailers alike.

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