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| Jun 29, 2021

A Case for Change: The Need for a New Era of Market Analytics

True omnichannel market share measurement has been unattainable for even the most progressive brands and retailers, leading to reliance on POS share from brick and mortar stores. But how can brands win without the agility to understand the most fundamental measurement -- market share -- in a way that is reflective of the true omnichannel universe they compete in?

Understanding market share across the entire market─ with much-needed consumer context─ is crucial. It’s time to modernize market share by taking a people-based approach.

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  • The limitations of traditional market share measurement options
  • Common incorrect conclusions drawn from incomplete market share measurement
  • Key milestone predictions that highlight the need for an omnichannel solution
  • Pressing business questions that can be answered through a consumer-based omnichannel view
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