| Dec 8, 2020

What the Amazon Shopper Panel Means for Retailers


This October, Amazon launched the Amazon Shopper Panel, incentivizing a limited group of Amazon customers to submit receipts from other retailers. While clearly not designed to be representative, Amazon’s panel will give the eCommerce behemoth its first view into what Amazon shoppers buy elsewhere. Why? So Amazon can win more share from competitive retailers, leveraging competitive insights to optimize its merchandising, marketing, and advertising efforts.

To stay competitive, traditional FMCG retailers need the same visibility into how their shoppers are engaging with Amazon, in addition to all other competitive retailers. In this 30 minute webinar, Numerator’s Sara Batchelder, VP, Retail, and Melisse Sullivan, Associate Director of Retail Consulting, will provide retailers the exact insights and strategies they need to compete with Amazon in today’s uncertain marketplace.

The webinar will provide a deep dive into:

  • Departmental trends: As retailers look to win share from Amazon, which departments and categories are the biggest opportunities? Where is leakage to Amazon currently occurring?
  • Practical strategies: Leveraging omnichannel purchase data and comprehensive shopper insights, how should retailers engage their most valuable shoppers and win share back from Amazon
  • And more!
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Sara Batchelder
VP of Retail
Melisse Sullivan
Associate Director, Retail Consulting