| Nov 11, 2021

Walmart+ is Winning: The Impact on Retail

Walmart has shaped the way consumers shop for over six decades— and its most recent innovation, Walmart+, the first of its kind online membership program offered by a traditional Brick & Mortar retailer, is no different.

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  • Who the Walmart+ shopper is— from demographics and psychographics to omnichannel shopping behavior and engagement with other Walmart services
  • The ways Walmart+ has changed the way users shop, and how Walmart+ shoppers currently engage with competitive retailers
  • How Walmart+ stacks up to Amazon Prime
  • Strategies manufacturers can leverage to partner with Walmart to win with these high value shoppers
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Amy Copas
Senior Consultant
Qizhou Wang
Senior Analyst
Olivia Reynolds
Senior Client Services Analyst
Sara Batchelder
VP of Retail