| Feb 5, 2020

As Seen On Instagram: Understanding the Rise of Digital First Brands


Direct-to-Consumer (also known as Digital-First) brands are overtaking mainstream brands across many categories. A Numerator Survey of verified Digital-First brand buyers revealed that 73% of those consumers believe the Digital-First brand is much better than the mainstream brand they used in the past.

In this exclusive webinar, join Lisa Cavanaugh, Associate Director, Survey Research, and Fleur Liu, Insights Consultant, Numerator, as they dive into what factors have made Digital-First brands so successful, as well as their impact on mainstream brands. You’ll learn:

  • The purchase drivers for Digital-First brands

  • How consumer perception of Digital-First brands affects brand loyalty

  • A real-life example of a Digital-First brand’s path to Brick & Mortar growth

  • How mainstream brands can catch up

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Lisa Cavanaugh
Associate Director, Survey Research
Fleur Liu
Insights Consultant