| Jun 24, 2020

Quick Service during COVID-19: what worked and what’s next


Throughout the pandemic, leading QSRs implemented new methods of connecting with consumers on lockdown, from developing 3rd party delivery programs to offering meal kits for busy families.

As consumers venture back out into public spaces, we analyzed the behavior of 100k+ Numerator OmniPanel panelists and 22 media types to determine which strategies were the most successful, which new consumer behaviors will stick, and how QSRs can craft ads and messaging to take advantage of these trends.

Numerator’s Rachel Calomeni, SVP of Media and Advertising, and Sara Batchelder, VP of Retail, for the insights you need to drive growth in a post-COVID world, including:

  • Insights on 3rd party delivery, meal kits, and menu innovation during COVID: which strategies were the most effective, and how QSRs advertised them
  • How QSRs can engage key consumer segments moving forward
  • A financial health perspective from industry expert David Palmer, Fundamental Research Analyst at Evercore for the Food and Restaurant sectors
  • A chance to win a free Numerator Survey, fielded to verified buyers of your choice, to inform your strategy for today and tomorrow


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Sara Batchelder
VP of Retail
Rachel Calomeni
SVP of Media & Advertising Solutions