| Oct 17, 2018

The Private Label Paradox


In 2017, every U.S. household bought a private label product. The amount spent on private-label goods and number of categories in which consumers purchase private label are growing each year. Manufacturers and retailers need to understand and adapt to the growth of private label in order to be successful in today’s changing landscape. 

In this webinar, Numerator’s VP of Product, Prabhath Nanisetty, will provide insights on the prevalence of private label including: where shoppers buy private label for the first time, how likely they are to repeat, who benefits the most, which retailers are leading the way in private label sales, and how retailers and manufacturers can collaborate to grow the category and share of wallet. 

Want to see how this applies to your brand? We'll close out the webinar with a short demonstration on how you can create your own People Groups of Private Label Buyers within Numerator Insights, and run key reports to understand how Private Label Buyers shop your specific brand or store.

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Prabhath Nanisetty
VP of Product