| Aug 10, 2023

Growing Pet-tential? The Pet Sector Amid Inflation

As inflation strains consumer budgets, pet parents are buying less units and shifting to the online channel (and Amazon in particular) to meet their furry friends’ needs. 

Learn which retailers are winning pet spend— and why— and how traditional pet retailers and brands need to adapt in today’s inflationary environment in our exclusive webinar. In the webinar, Numerator’s Sara Batchelder, VP, Retail, and Marissa Allen, Consumer Insights Consultant will explore:

  • Inflation’s impact on pet purchase behavior
  • Private Label and national pet brand performance
  • The forces driving online pet growth, including Prime Day and Amazon’s own brands
  • How traditional pet retailers and brands can adapt their strategies to compete
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Sara Batchelder
VP, Retail
Marissa Allen Headshot
Marissa Allen
Consumer Insights Consultant