| Apr 5, 2022

Pandemic-Driven Housewares Purchase Trends & Future Consumer Intentions

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered significant changes in the day-to-day lives of consumers, particularly in how they cook and eat. At-home eating has become more important, and that shift in turn has brought a boost to related housewares categories.

Watch on demand as Numerator consultants Katie Smith & Matt Prazuch explore pandemic-driven trends in housewares purchase behavior and provide consumer expectations for future category purchases as they resume pre-pandemic lifestyles. Specifically, they cover:

  • Which housewares categories saw the biggest pandemic boost
  • What related categories saw increases driven by these housewares purchases
  • Who new-to-the-category shoppers are, and how brands and retailers can engage them
  • How items purchased during the pandemic have been incorporated into everyday life
  • How pandemic-driven purchases will affect future buying decisions in the category
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Katie Smith
Katie Smith
Matt Prazuch
Matt Prazuch