| Feb 16, 2022

The Next 10%: Identifying Walmart, Target & Amazon’s 2nd Most Important Shoppers

Retailers have become increasingly reliant on a small number of very loyal households— their Top 10% Shoppers. While important, this shopper group does not offer growth opportunity, as retailers already command a large share of their total wallet. The next 10% of shoppers, however, represent a key opportunity for retailers to drive growth amidst shifting shopper behavior and ongoing global market challenges.

Numerator Executive Strategy Director Jason Reish shared insights from a study that identifies both the value of and risks associated with "The Next 10%" of shoppers at Amazon, Walmart & Target. Specifically, he covered:

  • Who the Next 10% Shoppers are at these retailers
  • What trends in purchase behavior this cohort exhibits, and how they compare to the Top 10% of shoppers
  • How their behavior is a harbinger for challenges retailers will face in the coming years
  • Strategies for engaging this group to drive long term growth
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Jason Reisch
Jason Reisch
Executive Strategy Director