| Apr 30, 2020

Media Impact on Sales in a Post-COVID World

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With stay-at-home orders enacted throughout the US in response to COVID-19, many shoppers have taken to stocking up on goods to minimize their trips into public spaces. But what happens when lockdown ends and shoppers return to a new normal? How can brands and their media partners extend their relationship with these pandemic shoppers to create post-COVID demand?

In this 30-minute webinar, Numerator’s SVP of Media & Advertising Solutions, Rachel Calomeni, walk through a case study, leveraging verified consumer behavior and advertising data, that showcases how brands and advertisers can increase post-COVID sales specifically by targeting pandemic shoppers. Watch today and you will learn:

  • The demographics and media consumption habits of pandemic shoppers.
  • How advertisers should think about adjusting their strategies to target pandemic shoppers, who might be very different from their regular audience base.
  • Methods for testing post-COVID messaging with pandemic shoppers, to ensure they resonate and draw the consumers back to the brand.
  • How to improve media efficiency by utilizing purchase-based audience targeting.
  • Ways to measure the effect of your advertising to ensure it translates into sales.


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