| Dec 9, 2020

Insights Happy Hour: Understanding Pandemic BevAlc Shoppers


Let’s be honest: in 2020 there’s been no shortage of reasons to need a stiff drink. But with bars and restaurants closed or at limited capacity throughout the pandemic, consumers have been forced to imbibe from the comfort of their homes. Total BevAlc sales reflect this—spirits shoppers are purchasing alcohol on a more frequent basis and spending more per trip when they do shop. But who exactly is driving this rise in spirits?

In this 30 minute webinar, Numerator’s Eugenia Gomez, Consultant, and Kristine Capuno, Sr. Client Services Analyst, will provide the most current insight into BevAlc shoppers and their purchasing behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch on demand as we crack open a cold one and dive into:

  • Growth in alcohol purchases during the past holidays in 2020 as an indication for what this year’s December holidays could look like
  • Demographic cohorts driving increases in alcohol purchases
  • Categories seeing the most growth within Wine, Beer, and Spirits
  • Snapshot of recent breakthrough creative
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Eugenia Gomez
Kristine Capuno
Sr. Client Services Analyst