| Jun 29, 2021

Know More, Grow More: How Retailers Can Drive Growth Among Emerging Shoppers


Shopper behavior is rapidly changing and becoming more complex ─ and the solutions many retailers depend on haven’t kept up with modern shoppers. Numerator Retailer Insights, a new total store, omnichannel solution powered by the Numerator OmniPanel, offers the multi-category and omnichannel insights retailers need to grow.

In this 30 minute webinar, Numerator’s Sara Batchelder, VP, Retail, and Alex Wallace, Client Services Consultant, will share how retailers can leverage this new solution to analyze how emerging shoppers behave across retailers and develop successful growth strategies. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deeply understand who emerging shoppers are, and how to tailor your marketing and merchandising strategies to their attitudes, tastes, and media consumption habits
  • Profile your most valuable shopper segments and develop strategies to engage them
  • Pinpoint leakage across the store and identify the drivers of positive or negative trends
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Sara Batchelder
Vice President Retail Sales
Alex Wallace
Client Services Consultant