| Dec 16, 2021

A TruView on Gen Z: Understanding America's Youngest Shoppers & The Retailers Winning their Spend


As Gen Z shoppers mature into their purchasing power, retailers won’t be able to recycle the strategies that worked on Millennials— Gen Z shoppers don’t even visit the same stores.

Leveraging Numerator TruView, the omnichannel share measurement solution that provides full visibility into shopper spend across all channels with consumer context, we’ve produced the definitive report on who Gen Z shoppers are, which retailers are winning their spend, and how retailers need to shift their strategies (especially online) to position their stores for growth with America’s youngest shopping generation.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How Gen Z shoppers differ from Millennials— and how distinct Gen Z segments differ from each other
  • Which retailers capture the greatest share of Gen Z’s spend, broken out by demographic and regional attributes
  • How Gen Z shoppers behave across channels, with a distinct focus on online
  • And more!
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Sara Batchelder
Vice President Retail Sales
Lisa Raimondo
Strategic Engagement Principal
Irene Jia
Associate Director, TruView