| Jan 14, 2021

Tracking Pandemic Consumer Segments Through Recession & Recovery


The rapid changes in economic and health conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have had a profound impact on consumer behavior. To be successful, brands need a deeper understanding of consumers’ shifting attitudes in a recessionary environment.

In this webinar, Numerator’s Bret Weinberg will share results from the Numerator Recovery Planning Segmentation Study—an ongoing survey of 70,000 verified pandemic shoppers. He’ll identify current shifts in attitudes and shopping behaviors that reflect a country trying to recover, but still affected by unpredictability. Watch the recording to learn:

  • How households are moving over time between the 6 distinct pandemic segmentation groups identified by the study.
  • Which households have become more anxious since the beginning of the study, and how that has impacted their shopping behaviors.
  • How to address the needs of anxious consumers as the recession drags on and a return to pre-COVID normalcy remains unclear.

Need to catch up on the Numerator Recovery Planning Segmentation Study before the webinar? Download the white paper to learn more about the methodology and the 6 pandemic segmentation groups identified by the study.

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Bret Weinberg
Sr Director, Client Development