Jun 30, 2021

Deep Fried Sandwiches (And Insights): How Wall Street Evaluates Chicken Sandwich Performance

Fried Chicken Sandwich Being Held
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With more chicken sandwich offerings spicing up the market every day, it’s important to take a step back and understand how new offerings impact longitudinal consumer behavior.

In this update to our Chicken Sandwich Wars study, Numerator’s Beth Mask is joined by David Palmer, Fundamental Research Analyst at Evercore for the Food and Restaurant sectors, to discuss the metrics that really matter when evaluating QSR performance. You’ll learn:

  • The QSR chains recruiting the newest, most frequent, or most loyal consumers
  • Which launches have impacted overall visits and purchase trends, broken out by QSR
  • How chicken sandwich launches affect other QSR offerings, from subs to sandwiches
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