| Nov 12, 2020

Cold Vault Amidst COVID-19: Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of Today’s Buyer


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consumers are changing their behavior with the news cycle as they seek to understand what is and isn’t safe to do. In this quick 20 minute webinar, the Numerator team will explore how the role of the Cold Vault and how buyer behavior has shifted, including:

  • The demographics, psychographics, and shopper behavior of the typical Cold Vault buyer, and whether that changed during the pandemic
  • Where and how Cold Vault buyers are spending their category dollars
  • How the Cold Vault is impacted by other categories, from fountain drinks to snacks
  • How convenience stores can engage their most valuable customers moving forward
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Sara Batchelder
Vice President of Retail
Melisse Sullivan
Associate Director, Retail Consulting