| Mar 18, 2021

The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Consumers Pick Sides


The explosion of chicken sandwich offerings has consumers flocking back to the QSR market for new offerings in recent weeks. Even Taco Bell is stretching its wings by debuting a new chicken taco.

To determine where consumers have pledged their loyalty in the Chicken Sandwich Wars, we surveyed over a thousand consumers to gauge awareness of new market entrants and identify the most-loved sandwich, and analyzed Numerator’s modern panel data to get an early read on newcomer performance.

Watch on demand Numerator’s Beth Mask and Michael Manning, Services Consultants, 30-minute webinar on the Chicken Sandwich Wars. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Which chicken sandwiches are ranked most highly by consumers, and what characteristics of the sandwich are most important to buyers
  • How new market entrants, such as McDonald’s crispy, spicy, and deluxe chicken sandwiches are performing
  • What consumers really think about the Taco Bell chicken sandwich taco (Twitter and TikTok commentary notwithstanding)
  • Where QSRs can find opportunity for growth in a fiercely competitive market
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Beth Mask
Service Consultant
Michael Manning
Service Consultant