| Oct 17, 2017

Amazon Primed: How to Coexist with the Everything Store

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There’s no doubt that Amazon has exerted tremendous downward pressure on prices. Per research by Numerator, though the frequency of online purchasing increased by 33% in the past year, the average online purchase size has decreased by 4%. The decrease can be directly attributed to the Amazon effect (given that they make up over half of eCommerce). If that were the only impact Amazon was having on the marketplace, that would be unsettling, but not game-changing.
What’s most disruptive is that in addition to offering confoundingly low prices on most everything, creating its own ecosystem, inventing its own freaking holiday and invading every crevice of retailing, manufacturing and even media, many rightly consider Amazon to be one of the most (if not THE most) innovative companies in the world. How do you coexist with a company like Amazon—a company that is obsessed with customers, thinks big, has a bias toward action, and could not care less about (short-term) profits?
During this webinar, you’ll gain an inside look at the impact Amazon is having across the shopper journey, with a focus not only on how your brand can coexist with the Everything Store but thrive in that environment.  In particular, we’ll take a look at the advertising, promotion, and pricing strategies leveraged by Amazon, and what those mean for your business. While many are speculating about what to do next, our focus is on using data to help you Amazon-proof your business.

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Brad Bane
Executive Vice President of Marketing
Ryne Misso
Sr. Solutions Consultant