| Feb 23, 2022

2021 Trade Promotions Review: Emerging Trends & The Impact of Consumer Behavior Webinar


Inflation and product shortages have transformed promotional strategies in 2021. After weathering panic buying, supply chain issues, shifts in consumer behavior and inflation over the past two years, Retailers are finally returning to a ‘pseudo-normal’ strategy to attract shoppers back to stores.

Consumers, faced with increasing prices, are changing their shopping behaviors once again. They are most likely to switch brands, retailers or wait to buy on promotion to cut costs.

Watch on demand, where Numerator’s Kate Kurtzrock, General Manager of Promotions Intel and Patreece Smith, Senior Solutions Consultant, provide actionable insights for brands and retailers from an analysis of the promotional landscape, including:

  • How to adapt promotional strategies based on shifting consumer sentiment and behavior
  • The impact of inflation on promotional pricing
  • 2021 shifts in trade strategy
  • Key considerations for trade promotions in 2022
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Kate Kurtzrock
GM, Promotions Intel
Patreece Smith
Senior Solutions Consultant