| May 5, 2022

Winning the Eco-Driven Consumer

winnning the eco-driven consumer

Green shoppers are far from fringe— over 34% of households self-identify as eco-driven, translating into over $1 trillion dollars of spending power. It might just be easy being green after all, but brands and retailers still need comprehensive insights to guide their strategies. In this New Frontier report, we identified who eco-driven consumers are, which brands and retailers are currently winning their spend, and how you can effectively engage them moving forward.

We hope this analysis gives you a new perspective on the trends affecting the modern consumer, with actionable insights to incorporate into your marketing planning. Here is a summary of some of our findings here:

  • Eco-driven consumers tend to purchase healthy food categories (from fish to kombucha), water coolers & filters, and gardening items.
  • Albertsons, Costco, Target, and Amazon resonate with eco-driven shoppers across product sectors, and health-focused retailers are key within Grocery. Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Dollar & Convenience retailers are disconnected from these households.
  • 9 in 10 eco-driven consumers and 8 in 10 ‘mainstream’ consumers are aware of at least some of their purchased brands’ eco-friendly practices.
  • Nearly 70% of eco-driven shoppers and 50% of mainstream shoppers are more likely to purchase from a brand making eco-friendly strides.

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