| Jan 18, 2022

Walmart+ is Winning: The Impact on Retail

Introduction Slide of the Walmart+ is Winning: The Impact on Retail Report

Walmart’s new online membership program, Walmart+, has been a major win for the retailer so far, helping them engage a new demographic and drive loyalty among those valuable shoppers. We examined its performance, looking at who the Walmart+ shopper is, how Walmart+ is driving loyalty, why shoppers use both Walmart+ and Amazon Prime, and what’s next for the program based on customer feedback.

We hope this analysis gives you a new perspective on the trends affecting the modern consumer, with actionable insights to incorporate into your marketing planning. Here is a summary of some of our findings here:

  • Walmart+ is building loyalty among a shopper group that they have traditionally struggled with– high income, suburban families who are looking for ways to save time & money.
  • Walmart is winning the online grocery basket among Walmart+ shoppers, but other categories are not benefiting as much. Shoppers are still purchasing general merchandise categories through their Amazon Prime membership.
  • Walmart+ members are generally satisfied with the program, but Amazon Prime garners better ratings in nearly all areas.

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