| Jul 24, 2022

Stacked Insights on the State of Breakfast

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One daypart in particular has experienced ongoing shifts as consumers transition into a new daily grind— breakfast. To help identify emerging trends, our New Frontier report explores breakfast category growth and decline through the pandemic and inflationary periods, as well as QSR buying behavior and future consumer intentions. Some findings in the report include: 

  • New routines haven’t negatively impacted either QSR or CPG breakfast: QSR has recovered and grown significantly since 2021, while CPG breakfast has not seen a corresponding decline— suggesting sticky at-home breakfast behavior.
  • The consumers driving CPG breakfast sales aren’t who you think: Hybrid and on-site workers are increasing their spend in CPG Breakfast categories vs. YAG, while full WFH panelist spend has been flat.
  • Inflation is coming for QSR breakfast: Consumers are feeling a financial pinch that could lead to more dependence on at-home breakfast categories.
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