| Jul 17, 2019

Mythbusters: Convenience Stores

“Convenience stores only appeal to a niche group – rural, low-income, older males.”

In the third installment of Numerator Mythbusters, our monthly series investigating popular myths about consumer behavior, we scrutinized the belief that most C-store shoppers belong to the same niche demographic group.

It’s true that heavy (over $100 spent at C-stores per year) convenience shoppers are more likely to be rural, male, and Gen X. However, they only make up 31% of convenience shoppers, and differ from medium and light convenience shoppers – who are less likely to be male, rural, and older. Those shoppers have the potential to be just as valuable as heavy convenience shoppers, so it’s important to understand what, how, and when they shop at C-stores.  

Download our report to learn:

  • How heavy, medium, and light convenience shoppers compare – demographically (hint: we’ve noticed quite a lot of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers) and in terms of purchase frequency and behavior

  •  What items medium and light convenience shoppers are looking for at C-stores, and how C-stores can capture more than 1.3% of their snack and beverage dollars

  • Who is winning the battle for true convenience in the mind of shoppers - convenience stores or QSRs

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