| Feb 1, 2020

Love (Insights), Actually


When it comes to buying behavior, what distinguishes shoppers who are ready to commit versus those who are simply looking for a fling? On holidays like Valentine’s Day, brands and retailers have the opportunity to build relationships with consumers, drawing them in with timely deals and promotions. In honor of one of retail’s top holidays, it’s only fitting to take a look at consumer behavior through the lens of a top Valentine’s Day category. Sit back and pour yourself a glass— we’re talking about the combination of wine and chocolate, wine brand rankings and loyalty, and the behavior of dating app users.

In this exclusive New Frontier report, you'll learn: 

  • How the cross-promotion of wine and chocolate can help attract higher income, established households
  • How perceived quality effects brand performance and loyalty to that brand – however, quality does not necessarily mean expensive
  • What effects planned vs. impulse purchases have on loyalty 
  • What discounts or promotions are best at driving continued or larger amounts of spend than others 
  • What the behaviors of dating app users are and how to reach them as consumers

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