| Jul 1, 2019

Engaging the LGBTQ+ Community


To help our clients understand how they can support and engage the LGBTQ+ community all year - not just during Pride Month - we’ve taken a look at the shopping behavior of LGBTQ+ shoppers (self-identified via microsurveys and now one of our Specialty Premium People Groups). In this New Frontier report, you’ll learn:

  • The psychographics and media preferences of LGBTQ+ shoppers - for example, they are more likely to listen to podcasts and read digital newspapers than all shoppers
  • Which retailers and quick service restaurants the community prefers, including Ralphs, Whole Foods, Papa John’s, and Panera
  • The brands that LGBTQ+ shoppers are more likely to purchase, such as Red Bull, Jarritos, and GT’s Living Goods

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