| Oct 24, 2022

Decision-Making in a Hot Housing Market

Housing Market

Decision-Making in a Hot Housing Market report explores the omnichannel behavior and shopping intentions of renters, new homebuyers, and long-term homeowners to give you a better understanding of the risks and opportunities for your business. This analysis gives a new perspective on the trends affecting the modern consumer and provides the insights to act decisively in this dynamic market. Some findings in the report include: 

  • As households shift to rural regions, consumer spending behavior will adapt to their new setting. Recent homebuyers are balancing a busier lifestyle, increasing spend on Pet and Home & Garden, and leaning more on quick, convenient food options.
  • Due to the increase in housing costs & based on their house status, shoppers are prioritizing different categories. Renters plan to reduce their spend on vacations, furniture, and electronics.
  • By recognizing the categories and brands at highest risk, you can mitigate that risk by marketing to more stable, profitable segments. For example, recent homebuyers are most likely to reduce their spend on eating out, vacations, health & beauty, and electronics.
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