| May 21, 2020

COVID-19 Click & Collect: Who’s Clicking, Who’s Sticking?

Faced with shortages and the unknown, consumers have been forced to try new brands, new retailers and find a new normal. Meet the Omnichoice Consumer: one with a fresh familiarity with stores and brands, this consumer has never been more empowered to choose.

In Numerator’s first report on the Omnichoice Consumer, you’ll learn about the unprecedented adoption of Click & Collect during COVID-19. 22% of users are new — and ⅔ plan to continue their use in a post-COVID world. To be successful post-pandemic, brands and retailers need to react to this fundamental shift in consumer behavior now.

Download this exclusive report, normally reserved for Numerator clients, for the insights you need to engage and retain the Omnichoice Consumer. You’ll learn:

  • The demographics and psychographic sentiments of new Click & Collect users

  • How Click & Collect baskets compare to in-store baskets

  • Which channels Click & Collect is sourcing volume from

  • How new users evaluate their C&C experience and if they plan to use the service again


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