Case Study
| Jun 23, 2022

Vital Farms diversifies core consumer targets through applied segmentation

“Better for You” (BFY) brands are quickly disrupting the CPG industry. An increased focus on health and sustainability, constantly shifting consumer expectations, and a plethora of data make understanding today’s consumer harder than ever before. What do you do with all the information? Too often, the answer is nothing. Working off unconfirmed insights that were collected qualitatively, Vital Farms needed a plan to shape the company’s strategy using custom BFY segments to answer some key business questions:

  • How do consumers define "health and wellness"?

  • Do their actual behaviors align with their aspirations?

  • How can they best be targeted?

See how Vital Farms used Numerator’s Custom + Applied Segmentation to crack open the BFY consumer and cook up actionable, data-driven insights!

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