Case Study
| Jun 29, 2023

Nestle Coffee Partners shifts eCommerce strategy to adapt to new online shopping habits

eCommerce coffee purchasing has grown significantly in recent years due to the pandemic and ongoing inflation. Nestle Coffee Partners needed to uncover key drivers influencing at-home coffee drinkers’ purchase decisions when choosing to buy their coffee online in order to develop a data-driven eCommerce strategy.

Learn how Nestle Coffee Partners dove deep into category shoppers’ behaviors and sentiments through the integration of a full-service research study with behavioral panel data and Numerator’s Inflation Segments to optimize the shopper experience and retain consumer loyalty. Dive deeper into the case study to learn how Nestle:

  • Targeted highly specific consumers using verified behavioral data

  • Leveraged Numerator’s Inflation Segments to identify how behaviors differed across groups

  • Shifted their eCommerce strategy through unparalleled clarity into shopper sentiment and motivations

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