Top Brands Winning LGBTQ+ Consumers

At the beginning of the year, Numerator published its Brands to Watch in 2023, which highlighted the brands that won with shoppers over the past year. For Pride Month, we wanted to look at brands winning with LGBTQ+ consumers, as well as consumer groups adjacent to this population.

LGBTQ+ consumers are more likely to be young, TikTok-savvy shoppers who are passionate about diversity and social justice causes. This group is also more likely to be early platform adopters, identifying themselves as those on the cutting edge of new technologies. For this reason, we decided to highlight brands winning with the following groups of consumers: those who identify as LGBTQ+, shoppers with a passion for social causes, consumers who use TikTok, Gen Z shoppers, and consumers who identify as early platform adopters.

Over two-thirds (34 out of 50) brands highlighted in this piece are emerging brands, otherwise known as younger brands breaking their way into new or established markets. All of these brands are designated with an asterisk in the lists below.

Top Brands Winning LGBTQ+ Shoppers

From better-for-you beverage brands to sustainable self-care, the top brands among LGBTQ+ consumers reflect a values-driven lifestyle. Brands like Native and Path Water assist this group in being conscious consumers.

  1. Liquid Death Mountain Water *
  2. Olipop *
  3. Ghost Energy *
  4. Path Water *
  5. Kikka
  6. Shaka Tea *
  7. Native (Toiletries)
  8. Mielle Organics *
  9. Vive Organic *
  10. Stardrops *

Top Brands Winning Socially Conscious Shoppers

Consumers who view diversity and social justice as top social causes choose brands that share similar values. From skin tone-inclusive beauty brand Fenty Beauty to brands that give back like Health-Ade, these shoppers are more likely to pick brands that work towards the same goals they focus on in their personal lives.

  1. Fenty Beauty
  2. Impossible Foods *
  3. Mielle Organics *
  4. Ciroc
  5. The Honey Pot Company *
  6. Dr. Bronners *
  7. Casamigos Tequila
  8. Guayaki Yerba Mate *
  9. Health-Ade (Kombucha) *
  10. Pacific Foods *

Top Brands Winning TikTok Users

Several brands on this top 10 list have seen success through reviews, partnerships, and other promotional videos on the app. Many of these brands, especially BuzzBall, have received hundreds of thousands of likes and interactions on various videos from consumers showcasing their product on TikTok.

  1. BuzzBallz *
  2. Sol De Janeiro *
  3. Liquid Death Mountain Water *
  4. Native (Toiletries)
  5. Alani Nu *
  6. Simply Spiked
  7. Mielle Organics *
  8. Evian
  9. Power Crunch *
  10. Thera Breath

Top Brands Winning Gen Z

Gen Z shoppers continue to make self-care a priority throughout the second half of 2022, continuing to spend their hard-earned dollars on brands such as Rare Beauty and La Roche Posay.

  1. Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez
  2. Panoxyl *
  3. Shiseido *
  4. Colourpop
  5. Hero Cosmetics
  6. Sol De Janeiro *
  7. The Ordinary (Cosmetics)
  8. Supergoop! *
  9. Mielle Organics *
  10. La Roche Posay

Top Brands Winning Early Adopters

Early adopters of technology showcase their innovative nature in the brands they choose to purchase. Of the top ten brands within this consumer group, seven have been founded within the last decade.

  1. RXBAR
  2. Olipop *
  3. Bota Box *
  4. The Happy Egg Co *
  5. Waterloo *
  6. Liquid Death Mountain Water *
  7. Spindrift *
  8. Woodford Reserve
  9. Simple Mills *
  10. Siete *


**Brands on each list have at least 2% penetration with the group of focus and have seen sales growth among that group in the past year. Brands are ranked based by how much their household penetration within the group indexes versus household penetration of the average US consumer.

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