Oct 24, 2018

Top 10 Halloween Candy Brands

Halloween Trick or Treaters
With Halloween right around the corner, we're taking a look at brand share of candy promotions.

With Halloween suddenly a week away (honestly, how is it even October already?), it seems like the perfect time to talk candy. Shoppers are out stocking up and – whether they want to be the house with the best candy on the block, or to buy bargain candy for the kids and save the best for themselves – they’re looking for the best deals they can find.

Personally, Sour Patch Kids have and always will be the number one Halloween candy in my book. However, when it comes to brand share of candy promotions, Sour Patch Kids don’t see the love other candy brands do. We took a look at our promotions data to see which brands have seen the most promotional activity in the last two weeks:


There aren’t really any surprises here – unless, like me, you have no idea what Child’s Play is and have to look it up (I’ll save you the trouble, it’s a variety pack of Tootsie Rolls and Mini Dots packages, among others). All of these brands made the top ten list (though not in the same exact order) in 2017, with the exception of Tootsie Roll who, at #11, just missed the cut (nudged out by Starbursts). This matches up closely with a 2017 Halloween study done with InfoScout OmniPanel data which, among lots of other interesting conclusions about Halloween shopping habits, found that most of these brands also led in dollar share:


There appears to be a strong correlation between promotional share and sales performance among Halloween candy manufacturers, and that’s not hugely surprising. Halloween candy is a category tailor-made for price-sensitive shopping behavior, as consumers are giving away more candy than they are keeping for themselves. They are, rightfully so, not very concerned with providing premium quality to trick or treaters.

Given the strong tie between promotional share and dollar share in 2017, we’d expect to see confectioners like Hershey’s, Mars, Child’s Play, and Nestle to rank tops among all candy companies by dollar share. All four have maintained solid promotional share in the weeks leading up to Halloween 2018.