Oct 22, 2018

If You Give a Brand a Targeted Audience

Auto Ads Header Image
In Laura Numeroff’s classic children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” – we learn how quickly one request can lead to another. Much like the titular mouse, increased consumer segmentation has led to a demand for increasingly segmented data and insights.

Advertising is being delivered to consumers with more creativity, more focus and through more channels than ever before. Increased customer segmentation has led to an increase in targeted ads with more specific messaging. As the industry has evolved, so too as the data and intelligence advertisers need to thrive in the marketplace.

The auto industry isn’t only competing for the attention and dollars of towing power obsessed truck drivers, seating capacity conscious soccer moms and mid-life crisis panicked horse-power enthusiasts, but also the air-guitar strumming, head-banging drivers among us who can transform a steering wheel and dashboard into our very own Neil Peart drum kit. For us, advertisers are crafting messages specifically tailored to our interests such as sound systems and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Numerator enhances its advertising intelligence with the ability to add custom coding into advertiser’s ad intelligence data. Gain a deeper level of understanding by flagging key attributes included in competitor’s messaging. As an example, and previously mentioned above, an auto advertiser could track specific messaging related to in-car technology such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


88 total ads, from 15 different brands, over the past 30 days mentioned Apple CarPlay and/or Android auto. The top five brands mentioning these services accounted for 86% of these occurrences, with Chevrolet and Honda leading the way by a large margin. These ads are collected across the omnichannel to provide insights from leading media channels, plus the emerging channels others can’t see. From traditional media like television and radio to online display ads, videos and branded content.

In an increasingly fragmented advertising landscape, brands need more market intelligence than ever to get the right message to the right audience with the right frequency – to both persuade consumers and to spend more effectively.