| Oct 7, 2019

Bringing “Better Together” to our Global Communities

October 4, 2019 marked the one year anniversary of our rebranding as Numerator. Our rebrand was driven by a desire for deeper consumer insights, which was best accomplished by bringing our unique datasets together under one company. Over the course of this inaugural year, we have come to more deeply understand ourselves as a unified Numerator team— deeply connected to placing high value on thoughtful, intentional work that makes a difference.

We wanted to recognize our accomplishments as a global, united company. Now, don’t get me wrong, this group loves a good happy hour and pizza party (especially if it lets us continue the debate on whether a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich or not). Celebrating our rebranding needed to reach new heights, and really show what makes the team at Numerator special.

Numerator Day was conceived as a day of global volunteerism— connecting us as one team around the world, while we connected with our communities and the people in them. We wanted to recognize our accomplishments as a global, united company, while also celebrating a team that places high value on thoughtful, impactful work. Understanding consumers is our day job, but understanding and connecting to people is our everyday responsibility. 

Each office brought their own style to the day, identifying volunteer activities they could do as a group with local charitable and non-profit organizations. On Friday, October 4, we set out together, sporting our new “#giveback” t-shirts, and showcased the strength of our team. Since we’re a numbers company, we’ll let these numbers speak for themselves: 


Our global team is full of exceptional individuals, but the real magic happens when we work together. We feel this way every day, and have a dedicated program— NumeratorStrong— that encourages employees to give back to their local communities by matching the donations and volunteer hours of our team. Thanks to everyone who organized and participated in Numerator Day— we can’t wait to see what we do better together in 2020! 

And we’re always looking for more exceptional individuals who are interested in making an impact— with our data, and our communities! Check out our open job opportunities and consider joining our team.