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2024 Beauty Industry Trends: Gen Z, Skincare, & More

Uncover the top trends in the beauty industry for 2024. From skincare to Gen Z preferences, get informed to stay rele...

The Opportunity and Impact of Digital Sales Events

Going head-to-head with Amazon during Prime Day may seem daunting but, for competitors like Walmart and Target, the d...

The Opportunity and Impact of Digital Sales Events

Numerator's Digital Sales Events report breaks down the impact of retail sales events among retail behemoths, Amazon,...

Step-by-Step CPG Category Placement Strategy for Emerging Brands

Explore effective CPG category management approaches to boost visibility and growth for emerging brands by understand...

Tick Tock Goes the Clock: Insights on How a TikTok Ban Would Affect Americans

Understand the TikTok ban insights and its potential impact on Gen Z users, social media habits, and TikTok Shop.

Stirring the Pot: Cannabis and the CPG Market

Explore the impact of cannabis on consumer behavior. How does marijuana use affect food and beverage buying habits?

Building Promotional Stories that Drive Growth

Tracking promotion activity is essential for ensuring your trade dollars are deployed properly, but promotions data c...

[Executive Briefing] State of the US Consumer: Implications for Food & Beverage

Numerator’s latest economic forecast indicates the economy is stabilizing, with slower growth and cooling inflation.

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