The Numerator
Path to Understanding Report

Do CPGs know their consumers?

Until now, it's been virtually impossible for many CPG brands and retailers to truly know their consumers, understand their behaviors and quantify share of spend associated with specific consumers. But with Numerator's omnichannel consumer-driven insights, more understanding is possible.

As the US population diversifies faster each year, brands and retailers require deeper understanding of the nuances, patterns, and preferences that differentiate these diverse consumer groups. The Numerator Path to Understanding report puts this data at your fingertips.


Omnichannel Share Data

  • Share of consumer spend by race for 10 CPG categories
  • Total category share of spend by generation and race
  • Total category share of spend by income level and race
  • Categories include Beer, Soft Drinks, Candy, Energy Bars, Baking & Cooking, Butter & Margarine, Laundry, Oral Hygiene, Body Skin Care, and Face Care

Consumer Sentiment, Psychographics, and Media Consumption Data:

  • Awareness of corporate or brand values, by race
  • Corporate or brand values that influence the purchase decision, by race
  • Psychographic attributes that over and under index, by race
  • Media consumption behaviors that over and under index, by race


Go deeper into your category or channel to get a more detailed view of your consumer

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