Expand your scope of promotions activity

Numerator Promotions Intel - Digital Rebates Media Type

Numerator Promotions Intel's newest media type captures promotions data featured on digital rebates sites

Visibility into how modern consumers hunt for promotions 

Evolve with consumer behavior and get the most comprehensive view of the promotions landscape by gaining visibility to Digital Rebates within Promotions Intel 

Expand your scope of promotions activities

Gain visibility into the brands and offer types promoted through this channel to understand the influences to shopper behavior occurring across the promotional landscape.

Consistent & aligned data granularity

Align Digital Rebates promotions data with other monitored media types through a consistent hierarchy across departments, categories, subcategories, brands, offer types, and more.

Keep pace with shopper behaviors

Shoppers are increasingly browsing promotions before deciding what and where to shop. Better understand these influences by capturing additional promotions activity.

Digital Rebates Media Type by the Numbers

of shoppers look for coupons on deal websites
retail chains nationwide available
of shoppers look at promotions before deciding where to shop

Business Questions Answered

Leveraging the Digital Rebates Media Type helps answer important business questions to optimize your promotional strategy.

  • What are my competitors promoting, when are they promoting, and where are they promoting?
  • Is there coupon stacking? Offer in the weekly ad, digital coupon, and online digital rebate?
  • Are promotions for my brand or my competitors consistent across various media types (print, retailer websites, email, online deal sites)?
Numerator Promotions Intel

Numerator Promotions Intel

Gain fast promotional intelligence and build an effective promotions strategy based on the changing market dynamics, a complete view of retailers’ promotional tactics, assortment and versioning. 

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