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Latest Update: 7/19/2022

July 2022 Promotions: Highlights from Dollar, Mass and Drug

  • Promotional ad block volume continues to stay stable in the latest month. However, promotion strategy has changed significantly compared to last year.
  • "BOGOs" has seen record growth in absolute ad blocks and has grown share of voice by over 2 percentage points.
  • Bonus pages’ share of voice is becoming more prevalent (up by 8 percentage points) in driving promotions online compared to regular web promotions.
  • However, brands and retailers that do start to lean in on promotions could benefit as sentiment towards promotional behaviors is growing.

*Additional promotions data from the Grocery channel coming soon!

Although promotional volume is stable, media type has changed drastically.

Promotions leaned significantly on web promos during the first quarter of the year. While still the predominant media type, growth has slowed down. Instead, bonus pages have grown share of voice by over 8 percentage points in June compared to last year.


BOGOs continue to trend up as brands and retailers look to push inventory and drive value for consumers.

June "BOGO" volume has grown considerably, up 17% vs YAG with share of voice up by 2 percentage points. "& Up" promotions have also seen considerable growth compared to last year although making up a lower proportion of absolute promotions.

Retailers haven’t yet leaned on promotions to drive private label performance.

Private label share of voice declined slightly in April and May.

Consumer sentiment towards utilizing promotions is growing as inflation hits.

Throughout most of 2021, consumer sentiment toward saving behaviors had dropped. 

However, as rising prices hit all-time highs, behaviors toward checking store ads and brand switching for a deal have grown significantly. 1 in 3 consumers are now looking at circulars and promotional materials for a deal and over 1 in 4 would say they would switch to another brand for a good deal.


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