High-Value Segments Include LGBTQ+, Gamers, Sports Fans, Caregivers and More

Numerator announced today that its InfoScout OmniPanel and Numerator Insights now include an expansion of Premium People Groups into a range of specialty topics. This follows the launches of Premium People Groups for Mom & Baby, Pet, and Health last year.

Premium People Groups help brands and retailers find and understand specific groups of people. Specialty topics include high-value segments (LGBTQ+), unique groups (caregivers, military families), category specific insights (social drinkers) and allows for the understanding of smaller subsets within a specific population (sports fans by team).

Premium People Groups help brands isolate specific high-value groups, in order to build more detailed consumer profiles and to understand emerging groups faster. This detailed coverage comes from a MicroSurvey response rate that can exceed 98% across a consumer panel of 100,000 respondents with over 40 million receipts collected annually. This enables Numerator to provide niche population insights at scale and see the purchase behavior for each of those groups without any modeling or assumptions.

“In the dynamic consumer landscape, brands seek to understand consumers, their brand preferences and buying behaviors at a more granular level than ever before,” said Chetan Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Numerator. “We continue to innovate around what and why consumers buy. Our psychographics product provides deeper insight into who they are, and our Specialty Premium People Groups provides deeper insight into what they think.”

High survey participation enables brands to drill into a more segmented understanding of their consumers. LGBTQ+ buying behavior, for example, can be segmented based on orientation and gender identity. This is a first for the industry. Health and sustainability buying behavior can also be segmented at a more granular level including attitudes towards green initiatives, organic shopping, and health and wellness. Sports fans can even be segmented by team for MLB, NFL, MLS, NBA, and NHL fans.

The complete list of Specialty Premium People Groups includes: alcohol users frequency and behaviors; caregivers based on time spent, shopping frequency and residence; gamers from casual to hardcore by platform and genre; health and sustainability segments based on attitudes towards green initiatives, organic products and their health; military families by household member, branch, and status; occupation of both the app holder and other household members; sports fans by team and league; subscription box services, meal kit usage and attitudes; and LGBTQ+ by orientation and gender.


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