Scalable Insight Into The “Who” Behind The “Why & Buy”

Numerator has launched Psychographic and Media Consumption data as part of its Numerator Insights platform. This provides brands and retailers a much deeper understanding of the consumers they want to reach, and where best to reach them.

Numerator goes beyond demographics to map 350 psychographic and 150 media consumption descriptions to validate purchasing behavior on a 1-1 basis at scale. This eliminates the need to leverage claimed consumer purchase behavior, projected psychographics based on look-alike models or both. The new profiling data collected by Numerator can be used on demand to create hyper-custom people segments within Numerator Insights.

“The Psychographics report on the platform is a huge asset for my team to dive deeper into who our target consumer is,” said Luke Custer, Manager of Insights & Analytics, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. “It allows us to go beyond surface level information like demographics, to really add depth and color to our various shopper profiles. The insights we gather from this tool are like nothing else we have available to us from any of our other vendors.”

Psychographic attributes include attitudes towards advertising, eating, health and sustainability, shopping, sports and more granular details regarding the household and lifestyle. Media consumption insights help brands and retailers understand granular media preferences from social media sites to traditional magazine content to emerging video streaming platforms.

“The current paradigm is that consumer purchasing is ‘stitched’ to psychographic data, based on respondent recall or data modeling,” said Dennis Moore, CEO, Numerator. “This is the first time that there is a merging of purchase data alongside behavioral and attitudinal data – and at a meaningful scale.”

Numerator’s InfoScout Omnipanel captures consumer purchasing for over 450,000 people in the U.S. Its proprietary app allows a two-way dialogue based on validated behaviors and in real-time. Numerator has been collecting data using a weekly micro-survey technique. This eliminates the use of lengthy questionnaires that skew participation, in addition to linking the data directly to buying behavior.

“We remain very thoughtful about how we interact with our panelists and have built up a deep base of trust,” said Chetan Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Numerator. “We are very transparent with our panelists about data use and collect data from panelists based on what they are already doing every day — using their phones to upload content. Our users want to share with us.”


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