Sexual Orientation One of 2500+ Demographic and Psychographic Attributes Shared by Numerator Panelists

CHICAGO, Dec 1, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has launched LGBTQ+ demographic attributes in its Numerator Insights platform to provide a deeper view of consumer understanding. More than 85% of surveyed panelists have elected to share their sexual orientation with Numerator as part of the demographic profiles that accompany their consumer buying behavior. The LGBTQ+ identifier is one of more than 2,500 demographic, psychographic and media consumption attributes that consumers share directly with Numerator.

The ability to analyze consumer behavior by LGBTQ+ attributes gives brands and retailers the ability to drive efficiencies with media activation and identify growth opportunities with a growing consumer cohort. Numerator data shows that the population identifying as LGBTQ+ nearly doubles with each new generation – from 3.4% of Baby Boomers to 21.1% of Gen Z consumers.

Compared to the average consumer, LGBTQ+ consumers are much more likely to say they use certain social media platforms like Instagram (53% of LGBTQ+ consumers), Twitter (36%), Snapchat (32%), and TikTok (25%). Understanding usage patterns on these platforms is essential for brands, with LGBTQ+ consumers 63% more likely than the average consumer to follow influencers, 48% more likely to reference social media for product reviews, 14% more likely to use social media to search for new products, and 14% more likely to make purchases via social media platforms.

“The addition of LGBTQ+ demographics to the Numerator platform gives representation to an influential group of consumers,” said Sakena Gardner, Numerator VP of Talent & DEI Officer. “Equipping brands with the data they need to understand the important nuances among their consumers will not only help brands future-proof, but also help form more meaningful connections with their consumers.”

The LGBTQ+ demographic attributes are fully integrated into multiple reports and the People Group Builder in Numerator Insights. The new demographic attributes will not replace the Premium LGBTQ+ People Groups, which will continue to provide more granular insights on gender identity and orientation for clients with access.

About Numerator:

Numerator is a data and tech company bringing speed and scale to market research.  Numerator blends first-party data from over 1 million US households with advanced technology to provide 360-degree consumer understanding for the market research industry that has been slow to change. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Numerator has 2,000 employees worldwide; 80 of the top 100 CPG brands’ manufacturers are Numerator clients.


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