Over $100M Three-Year Investment in Data and Technology Drives New Capabilities

CHICAGO, Sep 28, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – Numerator today announced a new standard in consumer panel data with the introduction of its Total Commerce Panel. The new Total Commerce Panel and panel expansion will be released in Q1 2023, automatically upgrading existing platform and data capabilities for brands and retailers.

The Numerator Total Commerce Panel brings a higher panelist quality standard to the industry to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer behavior. Numerator will also be expanding its panel to 150,000 panelists. The Total Commerce Panel at the 150,000 standard will be available with four full years of data to provide brands and retailers with the continuity to understand consumer behavior, including a pre-COVID view. Purchasing behavior will continue to be available prior to 2019 with previous panel standards.

“Consumer behavior continues to rapidly change and we are committed to providing brands and retailers with the most accurate and complete view of these shifts,” said Eric Belcher, CEO, Numerator. “Outside of Numerator, there is very little unprompted innovation taking place in consumer insights. Numerator continues to drive the industry forward through our significant investment into R&D. This enables Numerator to single source a unique view of consumer behavior and do it at an unprecedented scale.”

The Numerator Total Commerce Panel is designed to enable brands to more deeply understand consumer behavior wherever they shop and whatever they buy. This is essential given 84% of growth for the top 50 CPG major categories is taking place outside of traditional food, mass and drug channels. The new capabilities are made possible by Numerator’s single-sourced, first-party data collection and include:

  • Higher panelist participation standards with 2 trips per month for 12 consecutive months (averaging 30+ trips per month), versus industry standards of a single receipt shared for 10 of the past 12 months. Panelists also need to meet a retailer diversity threshold (averaging 50+ banners per year).
  • 150,000 static households at new static requirements and with more longitudinal history; this includes 110,000 at 24 months of consecutive usage; and 80,000 at 36 months of consecutive usage

The ability to introduce a new, higher quality panel definition at scale, delivered at a consistent standard through a four year view, was made possible through Numerator’s receipt and digital data collection and the automation of data processing built on Numerator’s deep understanding of receipt structure across omnichannel CPG retailers.

About Numerator:

Numerator is a data and tech company bringing speed and scale to market research.  Numerator blends first-party data from over 1 million US households with advanced technology to provide 360-degree consumer understanding for the market research industry that has been slow to change. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Numerator has 2,000 employees worldwide; 80 of the top 100 CPG brands’ manufacturers are Numerator clients.


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